We are pleased to announce our new line of flags called “Blessing Flags”. These are Printed art reproductions from original artists. They are printed on an eco poly fabric, and are vibrant & beautiful. Please see new flags under Various Flags category and under Wall Hangings.

Tibetan prayer flags are the inspiration for Good Karma Flags.

We offer beautiful hand-painted decorative flags, vertical streamers and wall hangings. Our artists design them with uplifting images from nature themes, spiritual themes, yoga designs, and a wide eclectic range of beautiful and colorful hand-painted images for use in the home, work, yoga studios, and any environment.
Being in Bali and spending time with the small-scale batiking shops, meeting their families and co-workers, we feel that our business is a circle of many hands, providing livelihood to many people around the world. We have made regular contributions over the years to support Tibetan refugees in India, and woman-based charities around the world.

FAIR TRADE: As the owners of Good Karma Flags, we strive to support fair trade in our partnerships with the artisans & craftspeople that we work with. All the batikers fix their own prices for handicrafts. We strive to promote living wages, eco-friendly production, and fair policies with their workers.

Good Karma Flags acknowledges that some of our images come from other cultures & religions. We strive to give back to those cultures, by making regular contributions. For example – for the Native Peoples of the Plains area, we recently made contributions for the aid & recovery efforts for Covid among the Navajo Nation, as well as making legal contributions to the water protectors who faced criminal charges from Standing Rock. We are donating a percentage of proceeds from our Hawaiian-themed flags to Kahea’s Aloha ‘Āina Support Fund.